Get Involved with NPHS

Neighborhood Parents for the Hurley School

All Hurley parents are members of NPHS. Our monthly meetings are held at the home of an NPHS member and Hurley parent.

One of our main responsibilities is planning, organizing, and executing events throughout the school year. During the fall, we focus on the Annual Appeal and the Hurley Family Fall Fundraiser. In the winter, our attention turns to preparing for our Club ¡TropiCaliente! event, and in the spring we plan the budget and nominate our officers for the following school year.

Throughout the school year, the NPHS president meets regularly with the school principal, Ms. Verano, to discuss her priorities and then present them to our board and members for discussion. Our mission is to help Principal Verano achieve her goals by supplying the necessary funding to fill the gaps between what the Boston Public School system provides and what the Hurley School needs.

We very much welcome fresh ideas about strategic support and long-term planning, so we would love to see some new faces. This is a great opportunity to meet some dedicated parents.

If you have any questions, or need more information, feel free to contact NPHS at

Upcoming Meetings:

Please join us online on October 26, 2020. You can add a Calendar invite by clicking here which will have the GoogleMeet call-in information. 

Meeting Minutes: 


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