About NPHS

Neighborhood Partners for the Hurley School

Neighborhood Partners for the Hurley School

Supporting Hurley’s public bilingual education

The Hurley is a Spanish-English bilingual K-8 Boston public school in the South End. Our school serves a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse student population with over seventy percent of our students living in high poverty.

Just over a decade ago, the Hurley was an “underperforming” school. Then, a group of dedicated parents who valued public education and were committed to raising their kids in the city joined together with the school’s principal to identify ways that the larger school community might support the school’s mission. Thus Neighborhood Partners for the Hurley School (NPHS) was founded. With the support of NPHS, our dedicated administration, faculty, staff, and student body, we have transformed the Hurley into a MCAS Tier I School and a model of integrated urban education.

NPHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that acts as the development arm of the Hurley School. We are current parents, community members, and volunteers who believe in bilingual public education and see the need to enhance the academic experience of all students at the Hurley. Our mission is to bridge gaps in the funding that the Hurley receives from the Boston Public School System. The Hurley relies on philanthropy to support each of its 350 students. NPHS raises money to facilitate the Hurley’s vision and mission. With your support we can continue to help our students achieve academic excellence. Please donate or volunteer now.

NPHS organizes annual fundraisers, writes grants, builds corporate and university partnerships, and solicits private donations.

We welcome fresh ideas regarding strategic support and long-term planning, so we would love to see some new faces at our meetings.

Where the Money Goes:

  • Language and reading interventions for those students needing extra help in these areas
  • Special Education and social emotional support
  • Performing arts programming
  • Provide teacher and classroom support including professional development, STEAM materials, classroom supplies, and teacher appreciation events
  • Provide support for extracurricular activities such as ISEE test prep courses and Debate league
  • Fund and oversee special projects such as replacing the turf athletic field, renovating the auditorium into a more functional classroom space, and improving technology in each of the classrooms
  • Help with school maintenance (upkeep for athletic field, landscaping, floor mats)

NPHS Officers

Norin Razzaque, President

Josh Pierce, Director

Joe Charest, Vice President

Liz Howard, Treasurer

Arif Siddiqui, Communications Director