After School Programs

Neighborhood Partners for the Hurley School

After School Programs

Thank you for supporting the Hurley, and signing your children up for After School programs. We are grateful for our partners Minni, YMCA and New England School of Chess for their continued partnership and support.

Please help us continue to provide this crucial programing to our students by donating below.

Minni Art Class

The cost for one child – $120

Minni and the Hurley School are teaming up to offer art classes for students in grades K2 – 5. Art classes help to develop the imagination, build fine motor skills and reduce stress. 

Students are divided into two groups, based on their grade and age. The Minni Designers will look into the world of design by constructing soaring skyscrapers, engineering miniature playground structures and creating colorful interiors. The Minni Artists will experiment with different methods of art making, including drawing, collage and watercolor painting, while deriving inspiration from the work of famous artists.  All materials will be provided.

WHO:  All K2-2nd graders are eligible for Designers and all 3rd-5th graders are eligible for Artists (registration required)

WHAT: 8-week Minni Designers class or 8-week Minni Artists class

WHERE: On-site at the Hurley School

WHEN: Mondays or Tuesdays after school from dismissal time – 4:30pm 

WHY: To make friends, be creative and engage in self-expression!

HOW: Registration will be open on ParentSquare before the start of every session.

Swim Class at YMCA

The cost for one child – $130

The Huntington YMCA and the Hurley School are partnering to offer Swimming Lessons for our students! Water should be fun not feared but the joy of swimming is only possible for those who are confident in the water.  Swimming lessons provide important life-saving skills and teach children respect for the water.  This is a 8-week program once a week where students will learn the basic strokes, build endurance and splash around with their classmates.  YMCA swim instructors are nationally certified and ready to work with all ability levels. 

WHO: All 1st-5th graders are eligible for swimming classes according to ability level. 

WHAT: 8-week YMCA beginners swimming class or 8-week YMCA intermediate swimming class

WHERE: The Huntington YMCA with chaperoned travel from the Hurley School (parents and caregivers are responsible for pick up at the pool)

WHEN: Once per week after school from dismissal time – 5pm

WHY: To build strength, gain confidence and have fun in the water!

HOW: Registration will be open on ParentSquare before the start of every session.

Chess Club – Play Chess at the Hurley! 

The cost for one child – $115

Calling all chess enthusiasts!  The Hurley School is partnering with Ilya Krasik of the New England Chess School for Friday Chess Club! Each session is 8-week long, and provides students with an opportunity to gain the life-long benefits of learning chess while having fun playing with their classmates.  Chess helps children to develop patience, problem-solving skills and logical decision-making. Over time, chess club members will improve their memory and concentration as they learn sequences and anticipate the moves of their opponents during friendly competition.  Students of all abilities with an interest participate in chess club!

WHO: All 1st-5th graders who want to play chess are eligible (registration required)

WHAT: 8-Week Chess Club

WHERE: On-site at the Hurley School

WHEN: Fridays after school

WHY: To learn new chess strategies, play games and have fun!

HOW: Registration will be open on ParentSquare before the start of every session.