Make a Donation to Fund-a-Need

Neighborhood Parents for the Hurley School

By contributing to any of the annual needs below, you are helping us provide valuable programs and resources to our students:  

Music and Dance — annual need: $10,000

$50 provides one day of music or dance programming for Kindergarten through 8th grade students.

STEM Supplies — annual need: $20,000

$100 provides Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math supplies for 2 students for 1 year.

Special Needs Interventions — annual need: $15,000

$250 provides interventions to those with unique learning needs.

Technology Hardware — annual need: $30,000

$500  provides access to technology hardware for five students for 1 year.

Spanish & English Literacy Interventions — annual need: $60,000

$1,000 provides literacy intervention sessions for 4 students needing guided reading practice and small group phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

To donate to the Fund-a-Need, fill out the online donation information below or write a check payable to:

Neighborhood Parents for the Hurley School (NPHS)
PO Box 180763
Boston, MA 02118

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