Make a Donation to Fund-a-Need

Neighborhood Partners for the Hurley School

Neighborhood Partners for the Hurley School invests approximately $100,000 in the school annually.  These funds provide critical support, and cover the costs of programming and support that would otherwise be unfunded.  NPHS’s mission, to bridge gaps in the funding that the Hurley receives from the Boston Public School System, would not happen without your support.   

By contributing to any of the annual needs below, you are helping us provide valuable programs and resources to our students:  

Literacy Interventions and Special Education Support

$1,000 will provide for our students who need an extra level of support.  NPHS funds literacy intervention sessions for students needing guided reading practice in English and Spanish, and provides materials for special education teachers and school therapists.

STEAM Programing 

$500 will help cover the costs of providing materials and technology to ensure our students have what they need to succeed in the classroom.

Improve our Outdoor Playspace 

$250 will build a fund for NPHS to invest in the Hurley schoolyard to promote safety, learning, and healthy play.

Professional Development 

$100 helps NPHS fund continuing education for our outstanding teachers.  


$50 will help support our music partnerships with both Handel and Haydn Society and the Community Music of Center Boston, providing music classes for the lower grades and a song writing course for the upper grades.

Donate to the Fund-a-Need online, or or write a check payable to:

Neighborhood Partners for the Hurley School (NPHS)

PO Box 180763

Boston, MA 02118